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Very large
A flat topped hill; larger than a butte
Something untidy
Measured in grams
A young girl
To be at the end
To not have won
Opposite of gain
Capital of Togo
A very large book
Noon, 10:10 are examples
10 cents
Serious or urgent
A small object thrown at a circular board
Where food is put in a grocery store
Hallmark's makes them
Shakespeare: The ___ of Avon
The red planet
Female horse
Long-eared, rabbit-like mammal
Extreme dislike
The White Rabbit: 'I'm ___'
Boring, square
Has eyes, ears, and a nose
A verifiable piece of information
Clenched hand
Nemo is one
Clean with water
Medical drama set in the Korean War
Object used to wash oneself in large quantities of water
To strike violently
Deeper than tenor
Bruce Springsteen's nickname
A rolling stone gathers no ___
More than 50%
Upright post on a boat
Actors in a play
A lawsuit
Birthday food
A soda; Pepsi's rival
Prod with a finger
A story with a punchline
Alternate name of Roman god Zeus
To have formed fabric by interlocking threads
To have had clothes on a body
Skin openings
A piece of something
Witch's mark
A hospital room
A sentence piece

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