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Can you name the answers to clues in Ken Jenning's 75th (and final) game of Jeopardy?

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Days celebrating people going to heaven include Jesus' Ascension day & her Assumption dayFestivus
Bitter herbs are featured on this holiday's Seder plateFestivus
In 1939 FDR moved this holiday one week earlier in an attempt to please the retail industryFestivus
In 1876 Montreal's Mount Royal Park was officially inaugurated on May 24, a Canadian holiday because it's her birthdayFestivus
In 1955 the Pope moved the service from this observance, including St. John's Passion, to the afternoonFestivus
In 1998 Rabbit Hash, Ky. elected Goofy, one of these, as mayor; sadly, the mayor had to be 'put down' in 2001The Contest
Peter Ueberroth finished sixth in a 2003 race for this state's highest office, just ahead of Larry FlyntThe Contest
This George W. Bush Cabinet member lost his 2000 Senate race to a man who died a month before the electionThe Contest
1984 Walter Mondale got his 13 electoral votes by winning D.C. & this stateThe Contest
In 1884 a booster's attack on democratic 'Rum, Romanism & Rebellion' backfired on this Down EasterThe Contest
In a 1775 speech he declared, 'I know not what course others may take...' yada yada yadaYada Yada Yada
In a 1974 national TV address he conveyed, 'Our long national nightmare is over...' yada yada yadaYada Yada Yada
Before Congress in 1951, he announced, 'I now close my military career...' yada yada yadaYada Yada Yada
He humbly shared with the British in 1936: 'A few hours ago I discharged my last duty as king...' yada yada yadaYada Yada Yada
Nothing, as a tennis scoreA Category About Nothing
En EspanolA Category About Nothing
The 'hour' for a military action to startA Category About Nothing
William Cowper: 'What peaceful hours I once enjoyed... but they have left an aching' thisA Category About Nothing
9-letter word for lack of existence, or a person of no importanceA Category About Nothing
Giraffes are divided by sex into cows & theseZoology
While swimming, the anaconda can close off a valve inside these to keep water outZoology
It's the common litter size of llamas, hippos & kangaroosZoology
One type of terrier was specially bred in England to hunt this other member of the dog familyZoology
As it's a fave of caribou, the lichen they eat is called this mossZoology
The Detroit Red Wings' rinkPro Sports Venues
The New York Islanders' home icePro Sports Venues
...and the home of the (Atlanta) BravesPro Sports Venues
This 'Grand Ole Opry' comedy star used to wear a straw hat with the $1.98 price tag still attachedFunny Hats
Featured in the 'Harry Potter' movies, this hat takes its name from its function at Hogwarts SchoolFunny Hats
Goya liked to paint at night, so he wore a hat rimmed with theseFunny Hats
The name of this often brimless hat, popular in the 1920s, is French for 'bell', after the shape of the hatFunny Hats
In Wagner's operas, this eldest Valkyrie is stereotypically dressed in a horned helmet & breastplateFunny Hats
In 1909 George S. Patton graduated 46th out of 103 at this institutionPatton Pending
Patton placed 5th at the 1912 Olympics in this event that includes swimming, fencing & the pistolPatton Pending
In 1916 Patton was an acting aide to this man, commander of WWI's American Expenditionary ForcesPatton Pending
On Dec. 26, 1944 Patton's forces relieved this town in Belgium's Ardennes; the Germans were driven out in Jan.Patton Pending
A few feet of the 998 square miles of this European country are Patton's grave in the American cemeteryPatton Pending
Tom Kelly took the 1949 nude photographs of this actress that later appeared on the calendar 'Golden Dreams'Grab Bag
A wavy fabric made by twisting & then relaxing yarn, it's also found before 'de Chine'Grab Bag
In 1956 the first transatlantic telephone cable was laid between Oban, Scotland & Clarenville in this Canadian provinceGrab Bag
The most popular color for this November birthstone is a rich orange-yellow, like the color of sherryGrab Bag
This Ballets Russes founder had tried to be a composer, but Rimsky-Korsakov told him to stopGrab Bag
Wifebeater is a controversial slang term for this ribbed white item of apparelSlang
This kind of fruit is a Bronx cheerSlang
This slang term for a fool or dolt is also the name of one of Archie's Riverdale friendsSlang
A university seminar on slang revealed that an unwelcome follower is known as a hanging thisSlang
From the Latin for 'duchy', it's slang for money or for a show ticketSlang
Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only 4 months a yearFinal Jeopardy: Business & Industry

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