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QUIZ: Can you name the Combinations of the two Answers?

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Hint 1Combination AnswerHint 2
An actor that can do anything!Taking a chance / boardgame
Mafia television showFamous German movie about a vampire
Most popular soft drink on the planetOnly Great lake on US territory
A thing you need to do to surviveBasketball team in Miami
Cartoon television show involving propaneSpringfield is the capital of this state
Molten sugar Director of Apocalypto and Braveheart
Abbreviation for something with Rolling and LaughingSwing State
3rd President of the USASeries about bikers
Name of Peter Griffin's dogDanish author of fairytales (last name)
World's Most famous Baseball teamBaltic Country
Hint 1Combination AnswerHint 2
Countries that work for charity follow this conceptRepeating first letters
First man in spaceDrummer of the Beatles
Dutch BeerState, Famous for it's chicken
Car BrandCapital of Iowa
Bronze Age civilization that arose on the island of CreteA forerunner or predecessor
American name for a dinner jacketFormer name of Tokyo
Rapper famous for the song 'Pony'Singer that performed Rehab
Consists of Flanders and WalloniaSong by Rihanna
Energy DrinkMiddle of a dartboard
Otherwise known as Mara SalvatruchaNumeral code for Elite

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