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Forced Order
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It's really not a Yes or No type situation..
I'll go ahead an weigh in on this situation.
Does my scar look like a dog vagina?
(....) A series of Mexican Women
It doens't mean he goes home and shoot laserbeams out of his finger into his boyfriend's ****.
Boys will be boys, Charlie.
Ow Dee, that's severely lacking in class.
Where we're slicing prices so low, you don't need a pot of gold to get slushy.
No! Rum Ham!
What about cougarhands?
Close off, Pose off!
Oh damnit, You're getting cheetos fingers all over my wall.
I bumped into that video store clerk, total jerkoff!
I feel like you're starting to a say a word and you're not finishing it. Spaghetti? Are you taking me to a spaghetti day?
I'm going to bang Tim Murphy's black wife
I did eventually get my pump on, I did a bunch of push-ups outisde, which is also why I'm out of breath.
Dude, you can't do a backflip, you can't do karate, you can't do ****!
I see a door marked private...
He's been trying to climb through that trash can for 20 minutes. I'm pretty sure he's on acid.
Watch out for the crackheads. They WILL cut you
And then I'll reach for some cigarettes and when I ask for a light, we come out blastin'!
Goddamnit, Jack Bauer. You really are the man
No, I put the bar under the pride section.
Well, yeah, of course I'm the looks, but I always thought of myself as the brains and the looks
But we're oil men! We would have southern accents.
What?! Bruce is not banging any baby dudes!!
Am I peeing?...Hey guys, if I'm peeing, wake me up!
Im gonna take my bra off, blast my nips.
See you, Coach Dick and Balls.
What does a little Mexican girl love more than anything else in the world?
That lawyer guy, okay. He totally besmirched me today, and I demand satisfaction.
I'm saying I did an ocular assessment of the situation garnered that he was not a security risk and I cleared him for passage.
I'm just gonna have sex with somebody to feel better about myself. I'm gonna bang the next person who talks to me. So who's it gonna be?
That's right a maid, a maid I can bang
Any amount of cheese before a date is too much cheese!
You went to Vietnam in 1993 to open up a sweatshop!
Aaaoooo, botched toe! I botched that one, ooh that's a botch job. It's bleedin. I need some trash to plug up the cut.
Your breath smells like an old lady fart passing through an onion.
Who am I supposed to vote for? Am I supposed to vote for the Democrat who's going to blast me in the ass, or the Republican who's blasting my ass?
I accidentally punched that tranny in the face
We're gonna get this place hot and clammy, just like the McPoyles like it.
Who am I? I'm just a small town girl, who moved to the big city with big dreams.
It's all Hips and Nips!
And you've never seen me wash my testicles either but that doesn't mean I don't do it every Friday.
I wanna live like you, Charlie. I wanna be pathetic and desperate and ugly and hopeless.
So who's retarded now?
Let me pop a quick 'H' on this box, this way we all know its filled with the hornets
Well it's the M.S. that's really lame, you know.
I Browned out that evening
They ain't American, I don't want to know them.

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