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Started 776 B.C. Still held today
'Green' and rich invention
Anaximander and Dikaiarch know how to get around
Philo of Byzantium found this to be a 'hot' measuring systeem
'Aeolipile' first used as a toy and later for early trains
In 1852, Samuel Fox protected his steel patent from bad weather
Dessert with honey, walnuts and puff pastry
Twirled around the waist, limbs or neck
Powerful bow, it might have been a chinese invention
Used today to transport something while gardening or constructing
Cleisthenes could have made Ohio a swingstate after all
Homer worked on this masterpiece about 850 B.C.
You might discover this in your bathroom
A 'wonder' it's enlighting the seas
Fire fighters use this when it's getting hot in here
You could walk down this with your nikes on
Broadway would be a boring place to be without this Greek invention
Everywhere in the Dutch landscape and source for a green energy source

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