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Can you name the German WWII Generals?

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Chief of the OKW during World War IIOberkommando der Wehrmacht
Chief of the SS during World War IIThe Holocaust, Operation Nordwind
GeneralfeldmarschallInvasion of Poland, Operation Barbarossa, Battle of France Falaise Gap
Recipient of the Pour le Mérite from World War I, rose rapidly in rank to Field Marshal by the fall of France. Took command of Army Group Centre.Invasion of Poland, Battle of France, Battle of the Netherlands, Operation Barbarossa, Battle of Białystok-Minsk, Battle of Moscow, Second Battle of Kharkov
The master of mobile battle, authored the original Sichelschnitt plan, a plan which enabled Germany to capture France with minimal casualtiesImprisoned after war, later released and served as senior advisor to the Bundeswehr.
A legend in his own time, The Desert Fox headed the German campaign of North AfricaGerman high command reassigned him to defend the Atlantic Wall
German Army officer whose expertise in defensive warfare earned him the nickname of the 'Führer's firemanBattle of Kursk, Battle of Narva, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge
Main creator of Blitzkrieg tactics. Chief of OKH General Staff 1944-1945Invasion of Poland, Battle of France, Operation Barbarossa, Battle of Moscow, Oberkommando des Heeres
Commander of the disastrous campaign in the Battle of Stalingrad.Soviet captivity until 1953. Became a vocal critic of the Nazi regime.
Oberkommando der LuftwaffeHitler's second in charge. Commander-in-Chief of Luftwaffe 1935-1945. During World War II, he did not live up to his prior high standards. He was involved with the running of Germany and the war, and the central decision making, including implementation of the Holocaust

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