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Can you name the heaviest Pokémon in each given pair?

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Forced Order
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PairingHeaviest Pokémon
Stunfisk or Goldeen
Rayquaza or Tyranitar
Bastiodon or Kingdra
Marowak or Sudowoodo
Caterpie or Weedle
Cacnea or Excadrill
Weezing or Magikarp
Mawile or Sableye
Igglybuff or Cleffa
Eevee or Pikachu
Camerupt or Mamoswine
Exeggutor or Haxorus
Whimsicott or Gloom
Pidgeotto or Honchkrow
Golett or Charizard
Croagunk or Ambipom
Duskull or Lampent
Deoxys or Nidoking
Slaking or Cryogonal
Crustle or Scolipede
Electabuzz or Wobbuffet
Landorus or Starmie
Oddish or Bellsprout
Donphan or Shelgon
Mr. Mime or Kadabra
Aron or Poliwrath
Blissey or Audino
Hoothoot or Geodude
Swalot or Dodrio
Metang or Ho-Oh
Mienshao or Weavile
Pinsir or Heracross
Pidgeot or Fearow
Swadloon or Wingull
PairingHeaviest Pokémon
Pichu or Togepi
Larvitar or Magmortar
Ivysaur or Roserade
Amoonguss or Sunflora
Braviary or Bagon
Unown or Woobat
Metagross or Heatran
Combusken or Monferno
Primeape or Drowzee
Raticate or Victreebel
Wailord or Regigigas
Conkeldurr or Beldum
Feraligatr or Garchomp
Ferroseed or Roggenrola
Quilava or Bidoof
Rhyhorn or Lairon
Cloyster or Arcanine
Grovyle or Gible
Entei or Emboar
Zweilous or Volcarona
Gothorita or Xatu
Makuhita or Blastoise
Chikorita or Turtwig
Jellicent or Machamp
Tornadus or Electrode
Venomoth or Wigglytuff
Mismagius or Litwick
Lugia or Beartic
Mudkip or Squirtle
Relicanth or Staraptor
Mareep or Magnemite
Garbodor or Ferrothorn
Haunter or Hoppip
Seel or Sealeo
PairingHeaviest Pokémon
Whirlipede or Gabite
Krookodile or Rampardos
Kirlia or Reuniclus
Gyarados or Torterra
Gigalith or Rhyperior
Elgyem or Duosion
Servine or Charmeleon
Miltank or Kangaskhan
Spheal or Doduo
Mew or Manaphy
Muk and Trubbish
Qwilfish or Corsola
Masquerain or Spinda
Drapion or Gligar
Zebstrika or Klinklang
Krabby or Corphish
Dusclops or Dustox
Torkoal or Darmanitan
Steelix or Kyogre
Sigilyph or Vibrava
Bayleef or Abra
Escavalier or Krokorok
Meganium or Grotle
Exeggcute or Jumpluff
Serperior or Arbok
Petilil or Bellossom
Nidorino or Dragonair
Pineco or Weepinbell
Venipede or Shelmet
Staravia or Swellow
Venusaur or Boldore
Dratini or Lillipup
Salamence or Ursaring
Gastrodon or Croconaw

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