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Can you name the Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 characters that use these Hyper Combo's?

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Forced Order
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Hyper ComboCharacter
Shinku Hadouken
Fatal Claw
Killer Illumination
Ace Attorney
Fourth Wall Crisis
Messatsu-Gohado Agyo
Crawler Assault
Hyper Charging Star
Mad Hopper
Proton Cannon
Spiral Swords
Gamma Tsunami
Phantom Dance
Rapid Fire Fist
Chaotic Flame
Mighty Punish
Burst Time
Million Dollars
Divine Instruments
Photon Array
Magnetic Shockwave
Golden Armor
Legion Arrow
Iron Avenger
Grenade Launcher
Silent Kill
Road Rage
Finishing Shower
Bioweapon Assault
Mad Beast
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo
Shakedown Mixer
Hyper Battering Ram
Spell of Vishanti
Order in the Court!
Spirit of Vengeance
Devil Trigger Blue
Devil Trigger Red
Final Justice
Lightning Storm
Gravity Squeeze
Bionic Lancer
Genmu Zero
Dark Phoenix
Giant Haggar Press
Shin Shouryuuken
Angled Proton Cannon
Happy Happy Trigger
Tenma-Gozanku Agyo
Hyper ComboCharacter
Astral Vision
Blue Light Special
Berserker Barrage X
Doom Time
Dark Dimension
Mighty Tornado
Gamma Quake
Sweep Combo
Rock N' Roll
Emerald Cannon
Chaos Dimension
Servbot Surprise
Shichisei Ranka
Rhino Charge
Tenma-Gozanku Ungyo
Maximum Spider
Steel Samurai Maya Smelting!
Death Penalty
Vale of Mist
Hellfire Maelstrom
Astral Magic
Aegis Counter
Raven Spike
Emergency Combination
Biohazard Rush
Mighty Thunder
Hyper Stars & Stripes
Shinku Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku
Gamma Crush
Hyper Psionic Blaster
Luminous Body
Hyper Mystic Ray
Dimension Slash
Bionic Maneuvers
Final Haggar Buster
Taking out the Trash
Shadow Servant
Sphere Flame
Tag Team Special
Please Help Me
Devil Must Die
Stalking Flare
Satellite Laser
Lost in Nightmares
Cuttin' Time
Iron Rage
Penance Stare
Weapon X
Hyper ComboCharacter
Tenrai Ha
Survival Techniques
Viewtiful God Hand
Servbot Takeout
Kiss of Fire
The Rocky Raccoon
Shun Goku Satsu
Seven Rings of Raggadorr
Hard Drive
Skrull Torch
Kitty's Helper
Okami Shuffle
Healing Field
Plasma Storm
Dark Fire
Gravimetric Blaster
Round Harvest
Dancing Flash
Machine Gun Spray
Volcanic Roar
Fatal Mutation
Goddess Bracelet
Duet Pain
Hail Storm
Rage Trigger
For the Princess!
Dark Angel
Magnetic Tempest
Weapon X Prime
Elemental Rage
Maximum Voltage
Mach Speed
Darkness Illusion
Viper Full Throttle
Dragon's Prey
Funny Face Crusher
The Human Rocket
Hado Kakusei
Hyper Mystic Smash
Phoenix Rage
Hyper Sentinel Force
Berserker Charge
Chaos Tide
Ultimate Web Throw

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