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Can you name the Super Smash Bros Brawl: The Subspace Emissary enemies?

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Humanoid enemy that fights barehanded
Humanoid enemy armed with a gun
Humanoid enemy armed with a sword
Humanoid enemy armed with a large boomerang
Humanoid enemy made of solid metal
Red humanoid enemy that breathes fire
Large humanoid enemy that fights barehanded
White-colored robot that attacks by punching
Green-colored robot that shoots missiles
Grey-colored robot that shoots lasers
Dimwitted turtle enemy that just wanders around
Dimwitted turtle enemy that flutters around using its wings
Mushroom enemy that attacks by charging
Bullet enemy that flies straight ahead or homes in on its target
Turtle enemy that throws hammers at enemies
Humanoid enemy with a trumpet-shaped head that blows away enemies
Wheel-like enemy that opens up and emits fire
Wheel-like enemy that opens up and emits ice
Wheel-like enemy that opens up and emits electricity
Floating knight enemy that strikes with its two swords
Multi-layered tower enemy that shoots lasers from its face
Bird-like enemy that attacks by divebombing with its sharp beak
Humanoid enemy that attacks by throwing its own explosive head
A cloth-like enemy that swoops underneath enemies and lifts them up to their doom
Cloud-like enemy that shoots electricity
Robotic tank enemy that attacks with swords and lances
Robotic chicken enemy with a small yellow chick on the inside
Big beetle with a hard shell and a large horn
Humanoid sumo wrestler enemy that grows bigger as it takes damage
Burrowing enemy that lies in wait with its gigantic lips to attach to enemies and suck their life out
Ball-shaped enemies that multiply at a rapid pace
Silver ball-like enemy that reflects projectiles and shreds enemies with sharp blades
Large tank-like enemy with a large shovel arm and a green creature inside it
Helicopter-like enemy that attacks by dropping hot coals
Fish-like enemy with one big eye and tentacles
Huge round enemy armed with two giant scythes
Tiny humanoid shapes that come in various colors
Mechanical motorcycle-like enemy that attacks by ramming at high speed
Humanoid enemy that carries a lot of items and runs away at the first sight of an enemy
Blue ball enemy with arms and legs
Ghost-like enemy that attacks by screaming and regenerates itself
Two-barreled turret enemy that rotates when hit
Humanoid creature with huge claws, bound by strings
Cute-looking sheep that turns ferocious when attacked
Shadowy figure equipped with huge blades
Red-and-white flower creature with a large head
Green serpentine dragon that flies at high speeds
Purple dragon that flies around and attacks with its tail
Human boy trapped in a large spider-like mecha
Cybernetically enhanced purple dragon that shoots fireballs
Giant robot that transforms into a tank to travel
Two-sided robot: one side wields swords, the other is equipped with cannons
Mysterious blue entity that lives in the Subspace Dimension

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