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Can you name the Pokémon that matches the given species?

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Japanese SpeciesPokémonEnglish Species
Affection Pokémon
Amplification Pokémon
Anglerfish Pokémon
Antlion Larva Pokémon
Armor-Plated Pokémon
Baby Eagle Pokémon
Baby Pigeon Pokémon
Bagworm Moth Pokémon
Bee Larva Pokémon
Beguiling Pokémon
Big Fire Pig Pokémon
Bird of Prey Pokémon
Bite Down Pokémon
Black Yin Pokémon
Black-Tailed Gull Pokémon
Blaze Pokémon
Blessing Pokémon
Blizzard Pokémon
Bone Eagle Pokémon
Buried Pokémon
Calamity Pokémon
Caldera Pokémon
Celestial Body Pokémon
Cherry Blossom Pokémon
Chicken Pokémon
Claw Pokémon
Clinging Pokémon
Cocoon Centipede Pokémon
Color Change Pokémon
Cotton Ball Pokémon
Courier Pokémon
Courtship Pokémon
Creation Pokémon
Crescent Moon Pokémon
Crystal Pokémon
Daruma Pokémon
Decorative Flower Pokémon
Deep Earth Pokémon
Deshelled Pokémon
Diaper Pokémon
Dignity Pokémon
Doll Pokémon
Dozing Pokémon
Electric Spider Pokémon
Electric Squirrel Pokémon
Electrification Pokémon
Evil Fox Pokémon
Explosion Pokémon
Fang Scorpion Pokémon
Fermentation Pokémon
Ferocious Pokémon
Fertility Pokémon
Fire-Spitting Pokémon
Floating Whale Pokémon
Flying Scorpion Pokémon
Flying Squirrel Pokémon
Foal Pokémon
Japanese SpeciesPokémonEnglish Species
Forest Cloak Pokémon
Freeze Pokémon
Fresh Verdure Pokémon
Fruits Pokémon
Garbage Bag Pokémon
Garbage Dump Pokémon
Gaze Pokémon
Gluttony Pokémon
Grasping Pokémon
Hairy Caterpillar Pokémon
Hard-Headed Pokémon
Headbutt Bull Pokémon
High Pressure Pokémon
High Temperature Pokémon
High Water Pokémon
Huge Pokémon
Humanoid Pokémon
Husk Pokémon
Ice and Snow Pokémon
Ill-Natured Pokémon
Illusory Fox Pokémon
Jungle Pokémon
Kick Pokémon
Large Voice Pokémon
Legend Pokémon
Leniency Pokémon
Light Wing Pokémon
Lightning Flash Pokémon
Lightning Strike Pokémon
Long Torso Pokémon
Lookout Pokémon
Magnetic Field Pokémon
Malicious Pokémon
Mega Centipede Pokémon
Menace Pokémon
Migration Pokémon
Mischievous Pokémon
Molting Pokémon
Monarch Pokémon
Monster Cat Pokémon
Monster Scorpion Pokémon
New Leaf Pokémon
Night Cry Pokémon
Noise Pokémon
Nursing Pokémon
Ocean Pokémon
Ogre Dragonfly Pokémon
Optimistic Pokémon
Parent and Child Pokémon
Parental Pokémon
Piercing Eyes Pokémon
Pig Boar Pokémon
Pigeon Pokémon
Playing House Pokémon
Praying Mantis Pokémon
Precaution Pokémon
Pride Pokémon
Japanese SpeciesPokémonEnglish Species
Pseudo-Bird Pokémon
Punch Pokémon
Raging Flames Pokémon
Rainbow Colored Pokémon
Rampaging Bull Pokémon
Rampaging Monkey Pokémon
Rebellious Pokémon
Receiving Pokémon
Ripple Pokémon
Rock Hermit Pokémon
Rocky Mountain Pokémon
Rogue Pokémon
Royal Pokémon
Ruffian Pokémon
Ruthless Pokémon
Scoundrel Pokémon
Sealed Pokémon
Sharp Edge Pokémon
Shinobi Pokémon
Siamese Cat Pokémon
Sky Pokémon
Small Bear Pokémon
Small Monkey Pokémon
Small Mouse Pokémon
Small Swallow Pokémon
Snow Country Pokémon
Space Pokémon
Sparks Pokémon
Spot-Billed Duck Pokémon
Stolid Pokémon
Stone Cup Pokémon
Stone Hermit Pokémon
String-Spitting Pokémon
Stuffed Toy Pokémon
Stump Pokémon
Stupidity Pokémon
Swan Pokémon
Temptation Pokémon
Thorny Ball Pokémon
Thorny Leech Pokémon
Time Pokémon
Time Traveling Pokémon
Tiny Raccoon Dog Pokémon
Torchlight Pokémon
Training Pokémon
Trance Pokémon
Transformation Pokémon
Valor Pokémon
Water Mouse Pokémon
Water Rabbit Pokémon
Water Splash Pokémon
Wave Pokémon
White Yang Pokémon
Wild Boar Pokémon
Wild Pokémon
Young Turtle Pokémon

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