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Can you name the superhero/villain identities these characters are known as?

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Forced Order
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Full nameSuperhero/villain identity
Peter Parker
Tony Stark
Bruce Banner
Reed Richards
Susan Storm
Johnny Storm
Ben Grimm
Steve Rogers
James Howlett
Charles Xavier
Stephen Strange
Henry Pym
Janet van Dyne
Clint Barton
James Rhodes
Wade Wilson
Matt Murdock
Frank Castle
Scott Summers
Bobby Drake
Hank McCoy
Jean Grey
Ororo Munroe
Kitty Pryde
Norman Osborn
Full nameSuperhero/villain identity
Carol Danvers
Emma Frost
Victor Creed
Anna Marie
Tony Masters
Eddie Brock
Jessica Drew
Simon Williams
Daniel Rand
Bobbi Morse
Carl Lucas
Bill Foster
Jennifer Walters
Kurt Wagner
Cain Marko
Raven Darkhölme
George Tarleton
Natalia Romanova
Johnny Blaze
Melissa Gold
Cletus Kasady
Nathan Summers
Greer Grant
Elizabeth Braddock
Alison Blaire
Wilson Fisk
Full nameSuperhero/villain identity
Kenuichio Harada
Piotr Rasputin
Aleksei Sytsevich
Emil Blonsky
James Buchanan Barnes
Warren Worthington III
Dane Whitman
Laura Kinney
Felicia Hardy
Victor von Doom
Sam Wilson
Johann Schmidt
Yuriko Oyama
Flint Marko
Victor Shade
Maya Lopez
Eric Williams
Anton Vanko
Carl Creel
Franklin Hall
Nathaniel Richards
Samuel Sterns
Jerome Beechman
Pietro Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff

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