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What Year Did Torchwood Appear On TV?
Who is the team leader?
Who died first?
Who created the series?
Who is Ianto's dead girlfriend?
Tosh and Owen's last episode?
The second Captain's name?
Who has a sister called Rhiannon?
The memory erasing drug?
Ressurection Gauntlets alternative name?
How did Ianto die?
The name of Diane Holmes' plane?
Who shot owen?
Who attempted suicide?
Who founded Torchwood?
Who gave Tosh a telepathy pendant?
The pet Weevil's name?
Ianto's Pterodactyls name?
Myfanwy's favourite food?
What did Jack consider calling Janet?
Who killed Rhys?
Who discovers the human meat in Countrycide?
Who made Ianto think he killed three girls?
Who made Jack immortal?
Episode where everyone gets trapped in building explosion?
Who used to work for the MoD?
What was destroyed in the Battle of Canary Wharf?
Jack's full rank title?
Jacks guns make?
Why did Ianto shoot Owen?
What is Gwen's husband called?
Owen's nickname for Ianto?
Who did Captain John find?
Who did Suzie try to kill?
Name of Owen's deceased fiance?

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