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Liz's Boyfriend at the start of the series
Name of cafe owened by Jeff Parker
Michael's Foster Father's Name
Age when Kyle's mother left
Brody Davis' daugther
Liz's journal in 'Missing' was stolen byMissing
Type of car Amy DeLuca has
Name of planet when Zan was King
Book by James Atherton
Jim Valenti's band is named
What Texas city was the destination in 285 South
Age when Maria's father left
Max's first car
Max's second car
Opening song in Ch-ch-changes
The baby 'Zan' was also featured in what TV Show?
Julie Benz & Majandra Defino's Stunt Double (She also did stunts for Sarah Michelle Gellar)
The name 'Nasedo' came from which Arizona city?
Which episode did not contain the theme song?
Max' agent tells him 'There's Always Buffy' after he fails at a Star Trek audtion, Jason Behr played who on Buffy?
What is the name of the woman who sees Liz get shot in the Pilot episode and later returns with her boyfriend Larry?
Maria and Liz use what defunct country to talk about the aliens?unt The Morning After
In 'Heat Wave' who ends up in jail with Liz?
Michael and Maria first kiss in which episode?
Max and Liz first kiss in which episode?
Who was the first main character to get shot?Pilot
Who was the second main character to get shot?Destiny
Who was the third main character to get shot?How The Other Half Lives
Who is the fourth main character to get shot?Panacea
Who is the fifth main character to get shot?Chant Down Babylon
Liz's favourite ice cream flavor:285 South
Maria sings what song at Alex's funeral?Cry Your Name
What dairy factory is located in Roswell?
The Parkers have lived in Roswell for how many generations?Pilot
Isabel and Max were adopted in what year?
Michael's (and Brendan Fehr's) favourite band?
For Christmas what did Isabel buy for Michael to give to Maria?A Roswell Christmas Carol

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