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Can you name the Characters of the Jim Henson Company?

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The Original Muppet. Appeared in The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and an early Henson project called 'Sam and Friends'Jim Henson
The nephew of the previous Muppet.Jerry Nelson
Fraggle Rock minstrelJim Henson
Disgrunteled pianist on Sesame StreetRichard Hunt
Doc's dog on Fraggle RockSteve Whitmire
Gonzo's poultry girlfriendJerry Nelson
Number-loving VampireJerry Nelson
Big Bird's 'Imaginary' friendJerry Nelson
Trash Heap's rat companionsDave Goelz and Richard Hunt
Fur, he is covered in fur, he's a furry fellaRichard Hunt
Pig with many tatooesUnknown
Telly's Older SisterKathy Mullen
Piano playing dogJim Henson
Muppet Show bandJim Henson, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Richard Hunt, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire
Band Leader/Keyboard PlayerJim Henson
Bass Guitarist of the bandJerry Nelson
Lead Guitarist of the bandRichard Hunt
Drummer of the bandFrank Oz
Saxophonist of the bandDave Goelz
Trumpet player of the bandSteve Whitmire
His uncle owns the theater.Richard Hunt
Performed Sesame Street songs such as 'Rubber Ducky' and 'George Washington Bridge'Jim Henson
Friend of previous Muppet. Has obsessions with pigeons, bottlecaps, and paperclipsFrank Oz
Elderly Hecklers on The Muppet ShowRichard Hunt and Jim Henson
'Civilized' Bird who refers to other Muppets as 'weirdos'Frank Oz
Previous Muppet's favorite singing duo seen in first season of The Muppet ShowRichard Hunt and Eren Ozker
Miss Piggy's young rival who appeared in the third season of The Muppet ShowLouise Gold
Scientist on The Muppet ShowDave Goelz
Previous Muppet's assistant who constantly fell victim to his inventionsRichard Hunt
'Cute' rabbit on Jim Henson HourSteve Whitmire
Sarcastic prawn from Muppets TonightBill Barretta
Fraggle Rock character who sang the song 'Just a Dream Away.' Was only seen in the episode 'Gone But Not Forgotten.'Richard Hunt
Sesame Street cowboy with a lack of memoryRichard Hunt
Sarcastic rodent who first appeared in Muppets Take ManhattanSteve Whitmire
Cook who speaks mostly in jibberish.Jim Henson
'America's Friendliest Game Show Host' on Sesame StreetRichard Hunt
Monster who sang with Alice Cooper on The Muppet ShowLouise Gold
Lemur on Bear in the Big Blue HouseTyler Bunch
Mouse on Bear in the Big Blue HousePeter Linz
Fraggle who can convince anyone to do anything with his trio of backup singers 'The Fragglettes'Jim Henson
Fraggle who travels through 'outer space' and sends postcards about his discoveriesDave Goelz
Sesame Street character who lives in a trash can and dislikes having fun like the other residents of the street.Caroll Spinney
Blue Sesame Street character who eats a lot, especially a certain sugary treat.Frank Oz
Backup singers in the music number 'Mahna Mahna'Frank Oz
Miss Piggy's dogSteve Whitmire
Muppet Show Character who loves to explode thingsJerry Nelson
Rooster on Muppet Musicians of Bremen and later The Muppet ShowJerry Nelson
Pig on 'Bay of Pigswatch' from Muppets TonightLeslie Carrara
Miss Piggy's biggest fan as seen on Muppet Family ChristmasKaren Prell
Sesame Street bovine who sang 'Proud to Be a Cow'Richard Hunt

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