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Forced Order
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Location of the War
US president at the beginning
US president at the end
North Korean Prime Minister
Starting year
Starting month
Starting day
Ending year
Ending month
Ending day
Country Involved
Country Involved
Country Involved
Country Involved
Country Involved
True or False- The Korean War never ended
Major Battle, Turning point in the War for the UN, First Major UN Offensive battle. Located at a harbor near Seoul.
A huge soldier evacuation that lifted thousands of soldiers and ammunition from former UN territory to new fighting fround
north korea pulls out of the armistice, this year
This country formerly ownded the Korean Penninsula. it lost it after WWII.
The Korean War is considered this kind of War because it involved major world powers fighting through two other countries.
The ending of the war resulted in this zone between North and South Korea
This line is what divided the Koreas before the War
Head American General in the beginning and for most of the war
The former head general was eventually replaced by this Man
Hungnam evacuated approximately how many Korean refugees?
About how many refugees were waiting to be taken out of Hungnam?
The Hungnam Evacuation was the largest sealift since...?
How many military personnel were evacuated during the Hungnam Evacuation?
How many vehicles were pulled out during the Hungnam Evac.?
How many tons of cargo were pulled out during the Hungnam Evacuation?
How many days prior to the evacuation was the nearest airbase shutdown?
Who was the chinese prime minister?
China was controlled by..?
The U.S.S.R was controlled by..?
The U.S.S.R head of state was..?
The Chinese Communist revolution was fought between..?

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