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Gods and Goddesses of GreeceGod or GoddessAnswer
Goddess of MarriageIs very envious
Lord of the WildSatyrs follow him
Goddess of VictoryStands by Athena
Goddess of AgricultureLoves Persephone
God of Erotic LoveOtherwise known as Cupid
God of WineSon of Semele
God of DreadTwin brother of Phobos
God of Smiths and MetalChucked off Olympus
Goddess of Wisdom and Strategical battleWas born out of Zeus' head
God of the SeaHolds a trident
Gods and Goddesses of GreeceGod or GoddessAnswer
Goddess of LoveWas made of sea foam
God of the UnderworldLives with Persephone
God of WarHad an affair with Aphrodite
Goddess of HuntingKnew Actaeon
God of the Sun, Music and HealingWas given a lyre
God of Messengers, Thieves and RoadwaysSandals with wings
God of FearSon of Ares and Aphrodite
Goddess of the Dead and FlowerWas kidnapped
God of the Sky and ThunderKing of the Gods
God of Sleep

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