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Small European microstate inside of ItalyHall of Fame QB who spent the bulk of his career with the Dolphins.
What comments on Sporcle may contain The moniker of the Tennessee Titans franchise when they were in Houston
When in doubt, one should always guess this country on a Sporcle Geography quizNickname of Stan Musial, arguably the greatest outfielder of all time.
Hands is to fingers as feet are to (blank)The all-time leader in hits in MLB history. I BET you can't get this one!
Popular 80's TV show whose two main characters were Crockett and TubbsWide receiver who holds several NFL records, among them most receiving TD'/
These animals have ambiguous wood throwing abilitiesVancouver hockey team
Buh buh buh Benny, Benny, buh buh buh Benny and the (blanks)The team with the worst record in the NBA for the 09-10 season
Popular arcade game where you must shoot aliens while dodging their vicious three pixel attacksAn NFL team in California whose colors are silver and black
Seinfeld's first nameFirst name of Giants pitcher with a contract of more than $100M (LOL).
The nursery rhyme of a boy invited to blow his horn.Number of teams in the NFL
Michael Scott works for (blank) MifflinKevin Durant plays for this Oklahoma City team
Donald and Daffy share this surnameNHL players play with this, opposed to a ball

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