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HintDrugAnswer Type
Inhibits electrolyte reabsorption in the ascending Loop of Henle, specifically the 2CL, Na/K cotransporter; side effects include hypokalemia and hypocalcemiaDrug
Used to prevent renal failure and reduce intracranial or intraocular pressure; reduces water reabsorption; contraindicated for patients with CHFDrug
Used for hyperaldosteronism, CHF, and with another diuretic to prevent K loss; competitive inhibitor of aldosterone; side effects include hyperkalemiaDrug
Used for hypertension and mild to moderate CHF; inhibits the electroneutral Na/Cl cotransporter in the early distal tubule; side effects include hypokalemia and hypercalcemiaDrug
Inhibits carbonic anhydrase, limiting Na/H antiporter effectiveness; HCO3- is not reabsorbed and Na and K are excreted with it; side effects include metabolic acidosisDrug
Acts at the proximal tubule to increase H2O excretionDrug Class
Acts at the ascending Loop of Henle to inhibit Na, Cl, K cotransportersDrug Class
Acts at the early distal tubule to inhibit Na, Cl cotransportersDrug Class
Used in conjunction with another diuretic to prevent K loss; interferes with electrogenic Na transport in the late distal tubule; side effects include hyperkalemiaDrug
Acts at the late distal tubule to inhibit the reabsorption of NaDrug Class
Acts at the proximal tubule to increase bicarbonate excretionDrug Class

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