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Side effects of this drug class include hypotension, azotemia, cough, angioedema, skin rash, dysgeusia, and hyperkalemia
This expensive drug used in class III,IV PAH reduces pulmonary pressure, increases walking distance, and reduces hospitalization and mortality by fighting the effects of endothelin
This new therapy drug is FDA approved for IV treatment of Class IV CHF; it reduces preload and afterload, increases GFR and filtration fraction, among other effects
This class of drug promotes Na+ and water excretion, reversing edema and pulmonary congestion
This drug is a vasodilator that acts directly on the arterial s.m.; other vasodilators have been tried but are not effective in CHF
Digoxin toxicity results in atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, visual changes, ___, fatigue, drowsiness, congusion, and ___; an Ab to digoxin, ___, can be used to neutralize serum
Direct arterial vasodilators in CHF can reduce ___; to reduce both preload and afterload the vasodilator should be combined with a ___ such as a nitrate
Diuretics only provide ___ relief, and unlike ACE inhibitors do not improve survival or ___
This NYHA class presents symptoms upon minimal exertion, and presents clinically with dyspnea, orthopnea, PND, and edema
This drug class is not yet FDA approved to treat CFH yet, but the combination of reduced ang II and increased natriuretic peptides may provide additional benefit over ACE inhibitor
In the 'Death Spiral,' activation of the SNS and RAS results from decreased ___ ___ and chronic pressure/volume overload
Angiotensin AT-1 receptor antagonists reverse ___ effect by blocking the receptors, leading to ___ (afterload), ___ (preload), and diuresis, as well as preventing cardiac and vascu
Digoxin provides positive inotropic effects by increased intracellular availability of ___ for contractile apparatus via inhibition of Na/K ATPase
The hemodynamic effects of ACE inhibitors result in 'balanced' ___, a marked fall in ventricular filling pressure, a modest increase in ___ ___, and modest reduction in BP
Beta blockers short term hemodynamic effects in CHF include ___ cardiac output and BP, but long term this shifts to ___ CO, and decreased LVEDP
This class of drug prevents the formation of Angiotensin II (and increases bradykinin)
Contraindications of beta blockers include heart block, ___, decompensated CHF, need for IV inotropes, and ___ ___
Digoxin is excreted by the ___; the serum half life is about 36 hours; a ___ ___ is needed for rapid onset of action
The 'Death Spiral' will lead to maladaptive responses such as peripheral and pulmonary ___, ___ hypertrophy, interstitial ___, apoptosis, myocyte loss, and other effects

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