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Nitroglycerine shouldn't be used with viagra/sildenifil because both increase ____, leading to profound hypotension and MI
CCBs undergo rapid absorption from the GI tract, 1st pass ___ metabolism, and a ___ effect resulting in reflex tachycardia, headache, and coronary steal
Beta blockers reduce ___ via CNS effects, but do not reduce __, possibly even increasing it short term
Direct result of reduced coronary flow due to vasospasm, with normal angiograms and an excellent prognosis
Recurrent angina, with minimal exertion, with prolonged frequent pain and fissuring of atherosclerotic plaques; correlates with MI
CCBs have dental implications, as they can cause ___
Name one of three approaches to treat angina
These CCBs work predominately through direct effects, and require rapidly changing channels, not a certain voltage
These CCBs work through balanced direct and indirect effects, and are more potent vasodilators than their counterparts
This angina of effort is due to fixed coronay vascular obstructinon
Least effective doses of nitrates should be used to prevent ____, which develops with all nitrate, is dose dependent, and disappears 24 hours after stopping drug use
Ca channel blockers are used to block this type of Ca channels
Beta blockers can be used with nitrates and DHP CCBs to prevent ___ ___ and ___ effects
Drugs of this class are cleaved to make NO, a vasodilator that activates guanylate cyclase, making cGMP
Verapamil interacts with CYP3A4 and other ____ enzymes, and also reduces ____ clearance
This condition occurs when O2 demand exceeds supply
Beta blockers should not be used with non-DHP CCBs, as the combination can lead to ___ and ___
This effect of Nitroglycerin redistributes blood flow to ischemic areas, preventing or reversing spasm
Beta blockers can be used for ustable and ___ angina, but not ___ angina
___ effects of CCBs produce arteriolar vasodilation, include negative ino- and chronotropic effects, and slows coduntion through the AV node
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