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Steven Mccaffrey, Donald 'Shadow' Rimgale, John Adcox
John McClane, Hans Gruber, Sgt. Al Powell
Special Agent Frank Horrigan, Mitch Leary, President Traveler
Ms. Scarlet, Mr. Green, Wadsworth
Sheriff Meeker, Sam Loomis, Jamie Lloyd
Johnny Tapia, Marcus Burnett, Mike Lowry
Andy Defresne, Warden Norton, Captain Hadley
Captain Hiller, President Whitmore, David Levinson
Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gorden
Casey Ryback, Commander Krill, Jordan Tate
Sarah Conner, Dr. Silberman, Miles Dyson
Alice, LJ, Jill Valentine
Cybil Bennett, Christebella, Rose Da Silva
Alex, Deltoid, Chief Guard
John Rambo, Sheriff Teasle, Col. Trautman
Andy, Kenneth, CJ
Sally Hardesty, Bubba Sawyer, Hitchhiker
Hannibal Lector, Catherine Martin, Jack Crawford
Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregard
Mahoney, Captain Harris, Commandant Lassard

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