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VIXX's Hongbin accidentally broke his phone
YG's teen powerhouse vocal
American Korean power singer and Ambers puzzle buddy
South Korean rock and jazz singer debuted 11 years ago at age 16
Actor/ singer from same company as VIXX
Composer of both Kangnam and Seulong's songs featured on Unpretty Rapstar
Insist's you have to wake up at 4 in the morning to talk
Host of Arirangs 'After School Club'
4D Korean Rock singer and Top 3 finalist in Superstar K4
Featured EXID's Hani in one of his videos
Soloist obsessed with tattoos and showing off his body for no reason
JYP's full moon vampire
Leo ends up killing the actress in her mv
Stole his wife's signed EXO album because they put a love heart next to her name
Doesn't feature in his videos because he doesn't think he's good looking enough
Veteran singer who released the song 'Wa' and was covered by many artists
Rhymes with choco
Hip Hop rapper and host of Unpretty Rapstar known for his hyena laugh
Known for her 'scary unnie' vibe, created a lot of heat because of her sudden diss rap
Henry likened the two of them as 'honest perverts'
Korean power singer and winner of Australia's X Factor

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