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Can you name the Red Dwarf Seasons 4-6 Episodes?

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HintEpisode NameSeason
The Crew all see their fantasy womenSeason 4 Episode 1
A mysterious derelict spacecraft containing extremely advanced technology, perhaps alien, docks with Red Dwarf. Dave Lister eventually gets turned into a hamster...Season 4 Episode 2
The crew pick up an escape pod bearing a woman's name. There is also the possibility it may in fact be a deranged bio-mechanical killer on his way to Justice WorldSeason 4 Episode 3
Holly has her intelligence briefly restored to an I.Q. of 12,368, but a side effect of this is that her run-time is reduced to minutes. Time keeps repeating itselfSeason 4 Episode 4
The crew meet a parallel dimension version of Rimmer. Smoke me a Kipper, I'll be back for breakfastSeason 4 Episode 5
Not Winnie The Pooh..... NO!Season 4 Episode 6
mer is abducted for the purposes of study by holograms with super intelligence. A Place of Sex.Season 5 Episode 1
The crew meet a time-travelling android who acts as judge, jury and executioner to those who have led worthless livesSeason 5 Episode 2
Kryten and Rimmer crash land on a 'psi-moon', an artificial planetoid which terraforms itself to match the inner psyche and subconscious of anyone who lands on it.Season 5 Episode 3
HintEpisode NameSeason
After investigating an abandoned biological research complex on an ice planet, Lister, Cat and Kryten return to Red Dwarf only to find Rimmer has taken over the shipSeason 5 Episode 4
An experiment with a machine - a Triplicator. A perfect ship and the most awful ship imaginable aswell as the old ship.Season 5 Episode 5
The crew take Starbug down into the watery depths of an ocean planet to investigate the wreck of the SSS Esperanto. They find that the ship's crew have committed suicide.Season 5 Episode 6
Two hundred years after investigating the SSS Esperanto, the crew awake from suspended animation aboard Starbug with amnesia, and find that their mothership Red Dwarf is missing.Season 6 Episode 1
Chasing the vapour trail of Red Dwarf into a gas nebula, Starbug is taken over by a tractor beam which takes it to a space station. There the crew discover an intelligent lifeforceSeason 6 Episode 2
Starbug narrowly wins a battle with 'rogue simulants'. However the 'simulants' have infected Starbug with a computer virus and the ship is locked on a collision course.Season 6 Episode 3
Starbug is attacked by an advanced Space Corp enforcement probe, for looting from derelict ships. The crew manage to escape by entering GELF space but Starbug crashes on a moonSeason 6 Episode 4
The crew return to the wreck of the simulants' battleship to salvage for food supplies but are confronted by a surviving simulant who threatens to kill herself and the crew. Season 6 Episode 5
Starbug enters an artificial fog containing devices that create false realities. Persevering through it, the crew find what it is hiding — a time machine.Season 6 Episode 6

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