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Characters In Other MoviesMovie
Tyler Durden, God
Gordan Bombay, Bud Fox
Neo, Johnny Castle
Sam 'Ace' Rothstein, Derek Zoolander
Dallas Winston, Sean Devine
Forrest Gump, Amsterdam Vallon
Billy Madison, Apollo Creed
Ron Burgundy, Dewey Cox
Bobby Mercer, Batman
William Wallace, Joker
Characters In Other MoviesMovie
Edward Scissorhands, Sofia Serrano
Frank Lucas, Coraline
Austin Powers, Pistachio Disguisey
Lester Burnham, Franky Four Fingers
John Hancock, Dr. Ian Malcolm
Nacho Libre, Jessie 'the cowgirl'
John Nash, Johnny Cash
Sean Parker, Rachel Jansen
Adam Franklin, Steve Stifler
Frank Costello, Olive Oyl

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