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What is the name of Stewie's teddy bear?
What was the name of the toy factory that peter used to work for
What did Brian go to rehab for?
What is Quagmire's profession?
Which teacher does Chris fall in love with?
Who did Stewie marry?
In one episode, who are Lois and Peter compared to in the news?
Who does Adam West almost get married to?
What is Peter's country called when they find out their house isnt part of the U.S.?
Who had sex with Quagmire's dad?
What drug does Peter go back to school to stop?
What job does Peter make Lois get so that he can fly for free?
What kind of factory do the Griffins try to find after Y2K?
How did Joe become paralyzed?
What kind of store does Jesus work at when he comes back to Earth?
Who had sex with Cleveland's wife?
What celebrity does Peter seduce in order to prove that he's gay for Meg's school paper?
Who does Meg always try to impress in highschool?
Who is the teacher that taught Peter how to dance for prom?
What is the fishes name that Peter tried to catch for $50,000?

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