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QUIZ: Can you name the Jojo character by Great Heat Attack?

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Forced Order
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GHA NameCharacterPart
Sunlight Yellow OverdrivePhantom Blood
From here on out, this is my true resolve!Vento Aureo
Doesn't it seem to give you chills?Stardust Crusaders
Road Roller!Stardust Crusaders
It's truly, truly, been a very long, roundabout path!Steel Ball Run
Be exposed to the light in pitch darkness!Battle Tendency
And this, and this, and this, and this!Stone Ocean
Bastard, you've pissed me off now!Stardust Crusaders
I've already healed you!Diamond is Unbreakable
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!Steel Ball Run
Never ending 'End'Vento Aureo
Ripple of the Sun! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!Phantom Blood
You want to see proof? Well then, I'll show you!Diamond is Unbreakable
I'll boil you from within!Battle Tendency
Hermit Purple and the Ripple!Stardust Crusaders
Bites the Dust!Diamond is Unbreakable
If you want to try and hold me down, then give it a shot!Battle Tendency
The Look of ResolveVento Aureo
I'll give you a cruel and painful death!Phantom Blood
Did I possibly get stronger again?Diamond is Unbreakable
20 Meter Radius Emerald Splash!Stardust Crusaders
GHA NameCharacterPart
Arrivederci!Vento Aureo
I'm gonna go crazy!Diamond is Unbreakable
I, _____, will deal with killing you!Stardust Crusaders
Final Mode!Battle Tendency
I'll incapacitate you!Stone Ocean
Spirit of Emptiness!Stardust Crusaders
It's already a pain to think which way it goes!Diamond is Unbreakable
It's the decieving in the trick!Battle Tendency
Ball Breaker!Steel Ball Run
I've made him dive down!Stone Ocean
In your face!Stardust Crusaders
Volare Via!Vento Aureo
Heaven's Door!Diamond is Unbreakable
This is the birth of ____, the Ultimate Lifeform!Battle Tendency
Soft and WetJojolion
Sheer Heart Attack!Diamond is Unbreakable
Made in HeavenStone Ocean
Crossfire Hurricane Special!Stardust Crusaders
Pinnacle of Eternity!Vento Aureo
I'll destroy this one's 'smell'!Baoh

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