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Can you name the Fire Emblem Awakening Chapter Titles

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ChapterTitleRecruited Units
PremonitionAvatar, Chrom
PrologueFrederick, Lissa
Chapter 1Sully, Virion
Chapter 2Stahl, Vaike, Miriel
Chapter 3Kellam, Sumia
Chapter 4Lon'qu
Chapter 5Ricken, Maribelle
Chapter 6Gaius, Panne
Chapter 7Cordelia
Chapter 8Nowi, Gregor
Chapter 9Libra, Tharja
Chapter 10None
Chapter 11Olivia
Chapter 12Cherche
Chapter 13Henry, Lucina
Chapter 14None
Chapter 15Say'ri
Chapter 16None
Chapter 17None
Chapter 18None
Chapter 19None
Chapter 20None
Chapter 21None
Chapter 22None
Chapter 23Basilio, Flavia
Chapter 24None
ChapterTitleRecruited Units
Chapter 25None
Paralogue 1Donnel
Paralogue 2None
Paralogue 3None
Paralogue 4Anna
Paralogue 5Owain
Paralogue 6Inigo
Paralogue 7Brady
Paralogue 8Kjelle
Paralogue 9Cynthia
Paralogue 10Severa
Paralogue 11Gerome
Paralogue 12Morgan
Paralogue 13Yarne
Paralogue 14Laurent
Paralogue 15Noire
Paralogue 16Nah
Paralogue 17Tiki
Paralogue 18Gangrel
Paralogue 19Walhart
Paralogue 20Emmeryn
Paralogue 21Yen'fay
Paralogue 22Aversa
Paralogue 23Priam

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