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Forced Order
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Ends a meeting
Kills a main motion without voting on it
Brings a previous motion back, but has to be brought by a voter on the winning side
Brings a motion back that was previously tabled
Sets up a new meeting outside of regular meetings
Establishes a short break
Ends all debate and amendments
Gets assembly back to the agenda
Sends a motion to a group of specialists for recommendation
Increases time or number of allowable debates
Puts a motion aside for an undefined amount of time
Puts a motion aside for a specific time
Brings a motion back before the assembly that requires notice or a 2/3 vote
Changes a motion through addition, replacing, or subtracting
A motion that contains chapter business
Reduces the time or number of debates allowed
Asks a question involving comfort
Attempt to correct a parliamentary error
Question related to parliamentary procedure
Calls for a rising vote
Questions the chair's decision
Attempts to stop a proposed motion from reaching the floor
Splits a motion into two or more separate motions
Remove a motion that you brought

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