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What is the Master Chiefs AI?
What is the TV series that reveals the backstory of Spartan Locke?
What year was Halo 5: Guardians released?
What was the first warship ever shown in a Halo game?
Who is the Captain of the UNSC in Halo 4 after the first one died?
In Halo: Reach, is John a character?
(In Overwatch)What is Tracers real name
What is Reapers occupation?
Who was Orisa made by?
What special condition does Symmetra have?
What is Roadhogs occupation?
What is Salter's first name in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?
What is the new Call for Duty game that is in Beta right now?
In Call of Duty: BO3, what is the version of the AK-47
Was their ever a character with the call sign 'Frog' in the Call of Duty series?
What character do you play as in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 mission 'Down the Rabbit hole'
In Battle Field 1 'Friends in High Places', who do you play as when you fly the Bristol F2B?
What is the name of the tank you drive in the War story 'Through Blood and Mud'?
What country do you fight for in the BattleField 1 War story 'The Runner'?
Who owns Microsoft?

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