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Can you name everthing to know about Cod Zombies? There are some story questions in it to so good're going to need it!

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The year Tranzit is set in..
This perk is in Nacht der Untoten..
This new machine gun is in Origins..
She is dressed like a farm girl..
You can give another person points with this device on Moon..
In Der Reise, the____trap is under the bride.
To get the ice staff, Origins, you must dig while it..
In In Kino der Toten, what shotgun was located in the same room as speed cola?
What room in Shangri La made you walk slow?
There is a radio in Shi no Numa, in the spawn, that gives coordinates to where?
What charachter is German, and ends up controlling zombies?
This perk protects you while reloading..
What is the usual starting pistol called?
This scientist steals guns..
The worst wonder weapon, it explodes when used too much.
Samuel can hear Richtofen because he ate the____.
Russman worked at_____before the outbreak.
Misty hates what type of weaponary?
The first hell hound was named..
This thing flys around in Origins to help you.
In this map, you can blow a rocket up with a ray gun.
This perk is like stopping power..
You can put a____on the front of the bus to prevent zombies climbing through the window.
In Dead ups Arcade, to run over zombies you use a..
The evil monkey in Dead ops Arcade was the..
This thing can be found in Tranzit at the cabin..
This special equipment attracts zombies and then explodes..
If you die and you want to keep your perks, you need..
In Mob of the Dead, the combination entered to play the hidden song must be..
How many rockets hit the Earth?
Richtofen kills this person by accident during an experiment..
This map has a submarine in the sea..
This upgrades your weapon..
This can turn a machine off..
This person drops a perk, makes zombies electric, and makes zombies sprint fast..
This zombie blinds you..
In Mob of the Dead, this trap is in the doorway of the Warden's Office..
In Kino Der Toten, this poster is a play all about the devil..
In Kino der Toten, there are three names on the wall that say Samantha, Emilia, and___.
In Shangri La, these two people are trapped..
When the mystery box moves, a what appears..
In MOTD what appears when the mystery box moves?
Little forms of the main characters can be found around Ascension. What are they?
This is a way of travel in Call of the Dead..
This is a way of travel in Call of the Dead..
This is a way of travel in Call of the Dead..
In Origins, you enter a robot by its..
How many generators are in Origins?
This rifle is in the starting room normally..
In Tranzit, you need 2 things to build this..
In Mob of the Dead, the plane crashes here..
This map is set in the Far East..
This map contains many pictures forshadowing future zombie maps that have never even came out yet..
In a radio on Call of the Dead, Richtofen always starts the log off by saying..
This perk is quoted to taste like carrots..
This person is American and loses his memory due to Richtofen..
Upgraded, this gun is called the Epic Win
This perk is hidden in Die Rise for a blink of a second!
On Cell block, Grief, there is no____!!!
Takeo is from..
935 worked on a project called____, this was where they tried to fly through time and teleport.
Trapped in the pyramid on Moon
Turns zombies into humans..
This map contains an element 115 mine underneath..
This gun is in the same room as Stamin up in Ascension..
There are crying babies at this map if one listens to the walls..
Loves Vodka..enough said..
Der Riese is located where..
Shi no Numa is located where..
Verruckt is located where..
Kino der Toten is located where..
Ascension is located where..
Call of the Dead is located where in Russia..
Shangri La is rumored to be located where..
Moon starts off in what American State..
Green Run is located where..
Die Rise is located where..
Mob of the Dead is located where..
Buried is located on what continent..
Origins is located where..
Five is located where..
The place were the person who controls the zombies is called..
After Origins, we find out zombies is not____.
In Origins, another name for Argatha is the____.
To know where the mystery box is; look for the..
In Call of the Dead, deadshot is on the..
In Tranzit, ontop of the diner there are..
The Tower in Tranzit that gives Maxis or Richtofen power..
The wonder weapon that is purple, and you can fly with..
This Element has been tempored with for far too started it all..
How many hidden songs are on Mob of the Dead?
This special gives you 200 points and was introduced in Der Riese..
The max number of points a player can have in one game is..(in BO2)
The Relativistic Punishment Device is what gun Pack a Punched?
This perk makes everything light weight..
This is the first step of the Moon easter egg, and you are to play..
In the Moon easter egg, you kill zombies by the tubes to collect..
In the Moon easter egg, the excavator must dig at..
In this map, the power can be turned off..
This gun is called the Splatz when pack a punched..
The first line in the Quick Revive song is..
The last line in the Juggernog song is..
The first line in the Speed Cola song is..
The ending phrase in the Double Tap song is..
The Hidden song in MOTD is called..
A character in Mob of the Dead
A character in Mob of the Dead
A character in Mob of the Dead
A character in Mob of the Dead
In Buried, the Pack a Punch is under the____.
This perk tastes like fish..
This perk makes the drinker feel like going on a suger rush!
There are how many perks in Origins?
This special lets you Pack a Punch for 1000$..
This scientist in Ascension goes crazy because he allows Samantha to enter his head..

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