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The amount of maps in Cod W@W zombies..
Who conrols the zombies in Black Ops 1?
The wonder weapon that is in every map..
The map that is located in an unreal jungle..
What zombie boss locks down perks?
The zombies eye color when Richtofen is in control..
An arcade game unlocked in BO1..
gives you a random weapon..
quick revive costs_____$?
A perk that makes you immune to explosives..
This is a vehicle in Tranzit that moves you..
The game mode where you are a zombie..
Allows you to carry 3 weapons..
The amount of points the witch takes away from you in Buried is_____$
There are 3 of these walking around in Origins..
The round where zombies are all running..
The fire zombie in Shangri La..
There are zip lines here..
In buried you draw weapons with a..
Perks fall randomly here..
In Tranzit, the___makes you not see.
This weapon is crucial to get in Kino der Toten and in Ascension..
When thrown, something random happens.
Whose Who is in what map?
The first type of zombies seen..
The map that can be beaten
The other map that can be beaten.
The most powerful wall weapon. (in BO2)
The most powerful light machine gun off the wall (in BO2)
1st stop in Tranzit
2nd stop in Tranzit
3rd stop in Tranzit
4rth stop in Tranzit
Final stop in Tranzit
The mission name for Tranzit..
This button on Xbox allows you to reload..
On Ps4, the reload button is..
This person talks about bringing honor..
This machine costs 5000$..
In Der reise you activate the_____ to play a game with Samantha.
The music easter egg in Buried is called..
The color of zombie eyes in Mob of the Dead..
When you get down, you lose____?
When pack a puched, the winter howl becomes the..
The china lake is in what game..
The number of buildables in die rise..
This lets you reload quickly..
A map set place not on Earth..
The Commando gets what attarchment when Pack a Puched?
How many special wall knives there are..
This person plots against Richtofen..
In Der reise, they spawn with zombies..
The perk that appears black when drunk..
This perk wasn't in Ascension..
The mask name worn in Moon was called a..?
The place where the fire sale was first introduced..
How amny work benches are in Tranzit..?
This card is a mystery in Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried..
In Origins, there is a ____that moves you around.
His body hangs in Shi no numa
An element staff..
An element staff..
An element staff..
An element staff..
First step includes turning on the____.
A monkey in Ascension takes away____.
This perk is like a form of scavenger
How many parts needed to build the plane in Mob of the Dead
The mode that goes 4z4
In moon, the easter egg song is called..
Group number____was a secret group.
The most powerful sniper. (not Scavenger)
In Origins, this boosts your points by a small amount..
In Moon, this weapon cooks the zombies!
Blood stains that can be found all over most black ops maps resemble the____.
This gun has a peace sign when zoomed in..
This perk allows you to take up to 4 hits.
The most helpful power up!
Available to buy in the wardens office off the wall..
Another form of running zombies is slang for..
The new feature that kills you in Mob of the Dead..
The top rank in BO2 zombies (just type the gun)
He can hear Richtofen when no one else can..
At a dog round, this is said...
The zombie's eye color in W@W..
The eye color changes to blue at what round on Nuketown?
This gets an underbarrel when Pack a Punched in Black ops..
It makes a black hole when thrown..
How many windows are in Nacht der Untoten?
What map has no windows to rebuild in it?
The bank limit is____$in Trizit, Die Rise, and Buried.
Number of players in grief are..
In Grief, on Cell Bock, it is guards VS..
In Shanrgi La, you go here to collect this story wise..
The perk that is yellow..
This wonder weapon shoots acid
This perk costs 1500..
This special was introduced in Five
A magnum in BO2 that can be pack a punched, and with double tap is a 1 shot kill till round 34.
This special kills all zomies..
A part to the plane in MOTD
A part to the plane in MOTD
A part to the plane in MOTD
A part to the plane in MOTD
A part to the plane in MOTD
The best Sub machine gun in W@W..
In Mob of the Dead, the perks are_____.
A powerful Russian knife..
The Wunderwaffe was first introduced in..
The Thunder gun upgraded iis the..
Can dig bones up in Origins with a..
You can travel to this round in Buried..
In Call of the Dead, Richtofen wants the..
These crawlers gas you in Kino der Toten..
The element that started this all!!!!

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