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QUIZ: Can you name the Doctor Who 2007 Villains

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A vampire like creature that sucks blood from a strawSmith And Jones
Famous for their rhinoceros like bodiesSmith And Jones
Witch like creatures that invade William Shakespeare's timesThe Shakespeare Code
Crab Like Creatures that feed on gassesGridlock
A recurring villain cased in metal that hides the real organism_____ in Manhattan and Evolution of __________
Enslaved Humans used as slaves with appearances much alike pigs_____ in Manhattan and Evolution of __________
A human and a (Q5) fused together to make a disturbing leader._____ in Manhattan and Evolution of __________
A human makes himself younger but results in turning him into this scorpion like creature The _________ Experiment
A civillian is infected making his body temperatures rise to dangerously high42
This Family try to kill The Doctor using (Q11) For his HeartsHuman Nature and ____________________
The Family use these slaves stuffed with hay and similar to farm yard helpers to kill the DoctorHuman Nature and ____________________
If you see this statue you don't look away, it will send you back in time to kill youBlink
The future of humans before the end of the worldUtopia
Another recurring character that is another Time LordUtopia, The sound of Drums and Last Of The Time Lords
Metal Creatures in spherical shapes made from Q14 The Sound Of Drums and Last Of The Time Lords

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