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Can you name the Doctor Who 2006 Villains

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'The last surviving Human'New Earth
Doctors in New EarthNew Earth
A classic Villain where a human turns into a creatureTooth and Claw
Bat Like Creatures that disguise themselves as HumansSchool Reunion
Robots trying to use Reinette's brain for their shipThe Girl In The Fireplace
Metal Robots seen before as a reccuring VillainRise Of The _________ And Age Of Steel
The Creator of these creatures, later transformed into oneRise Of The _________ And Age Of Steel
A Creature that possesses an early Television, feeding on human's faces and brains The Idiot's Lantern
A religious creature that lives in the underworldThe Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit
A servant controlled by the creature aboveThe Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit
An archaeologist controlled also by Q9's villain The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit
The Doctor and Rose briefly run into this monsterLove And Monsters
This monster absorbs people and lives on the twin planet to the SlitheenLove And Monsters
This creature possesses a child because it is lonelyFear Her
The most famous villain in the series, a metal casing covering the organism insideArmy Of Ghosts and Doomsday
Some selected monsters from Q15, that overpower the restArmy Of Ghosts and Doomsday
'They are a bit of danger, but they warn you of a much bigger threat...'BONUS QUESTION: The Christmas Invasion
An army of soldier like creatures in a spaceship of rockBONUS QUESTION: The Christmas Invasion

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