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Can you name all the Legendary Pokemon

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Icy Legendary Bird
Electric Legendary Bird
Fiery Legendary Bird
Ultimate Legendary Clone
Ancestor of Pokemon
Legendary Electric Tiger
Legendary Fire Lion
Legendary Water Wolf
Phoenix Tower
Dragon Tower
Time Traveler
Boulder Golem
Glacier Golem
Metal Ore Golem
Eon Girl
Eon Boy
Ocean Whale
Land Godzilla
Sky Dragon
Alien DNA
Embodiment of Knowledge
Embodiment of Emotion
Embodiment of Willpower
Heart Swapper
Offspring of Manaphy
Temporal Diamond
Spatial Pearl
Antimatter Pokemon
Lava Toad
Creator of the Regis
Creator of All Pokemon
Dream Swan
Nightmare Phantom
Grassy Hedgehog
Embodiment of Victory
Absolute-Zero Wuji
Metal Sword
Earth Sword
Grass Sword
Water Sword
Land on Clouds
Singer or Dancer
Upgraded Paleozoid
Everlasting Life
Doomsday Eagle
Cell, Core, Dog, Snake, Dragon
Diamond Armor
Ringling Genie
In Hot Water
Restrained Experiment
Beast-Slaying Chimera
Guardian Chicken of Melemele
Guardian Butterfly of Akala
Guardian Bull of Ula'ula
Guardian Marlin of Poni
Nebula Cloud
First Evolved Legendary
Lion That Devours the Sun
Bat That Calls the Moon
Mind-Controlling Jellyfish
Mosquito on Steroids
Beauty Roach
Electrical Wires
Lady Liberty Lasers
Razor Oragami
Gluttonous Demon
Robotic Fairy
Prism Beast
Spiritual Warrior
They All Go Boom, Georgie...
Brick Population
Venom Needle
Dragon Wasp
Plasmatic Serval

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