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Can you name the TV shows with two words in their name?

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1st wordShow2nd word
______ WashingtonMario _____, who hosted Pet Star
The Addams ______The three states of _______ are solid, liquid, gas
How you feel after eating dinnerWhere you live
'El' in Spanish, 'Le' in French, and 'Der' in German_____ McPhee Returns
Another word for 'Where you live'The act of making something better
______ Ball, a hollow, chocolate ball with tart candies insideNot a man
A standard rule of societyOld ________ had a farm
One more than twoAnother word for business
The Addams ______Not a girl
A machine made to do a jobA bird commonly used for food
1st wordShow2nd word
This is measured in wattsYou find these at national parks
Belonging to a famous TV murderer of murderersWhere a scientist works
Is married to Donkey in the Shrek moviesA spherical toy
A vehicle sent into spaceThis is measured in watts
An informal greetingThis kid from the Magic School Bus should have stayed home today
A warrior in Japanese feudal societyA white variety of cheese
Crazy people belong in this binSlang for songs
One of the 'new' statesShe sells seashells near here
Making something creativeNot men
______ CashAn epic adventure

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