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Can you name the cartoons based on the names of the characters?

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Nigel, Hoagie, WallyCartoon Network
Jon, Elizabeth, NermalCartoon Network
Kevin, Jimmy, SarahCartoon Network
Mayor, Ms. Bellum, FuzzyCartoon Network*
Pearl, Sandy, PatrickNickelodeon
Sam, Tucker, DannyNickelodeon*
Mac, Frankie, TerrenceCartoon Network*
Chris, Peter, StewieFox
Scratch, GrounderDisney Channel*
Ron, Rufus, WadeDisney Channel*
Isa, Benny, TicoNickelodeon
Irwin, Pudd'n, JuniorCartoon Network
Dee Dee, Mom, DadCartoon Network*
Patsy, Clam, Ms. MucusCartoon Network*
Chester, A.J., RemyNickelodeon
Peggy, Bobby, LuannCartoon Network
Winslow, Rancid RabbitNickelodeon*
Andy, RodneyCartoon Network*
Lucien, Wayne, Dirty JoeCartoon Network/Kids WB*
Gary, Joy, JennyCartoon Network/Kids WB
Buster, Babs, ElmiraKids WB
Michaelangelo, Leonardo, DonatelloCartoon Network/Kids WB*
Sokka, Toph, ZukoNickelodeon*
Joey, Tristan, MakoCartoon Network/Kids WB
Rintoo, HohoNick Jr. (Nickelodeon)
Rudy, Penny, SnapNickelodeon*
Kyle, Lupe, YoNickelodeon
Bessie, Happy, BenNickelodeon*
Fred, Velma, DaphneCartoon Network*
Bunny, Susie, CarlCartoon Network*
Susan, Mary, DukeyCartoon Network/Teletoon
Ape, Magnolia, UrsulaCartoon Network*/Teletoon
Chris, DJ, DuncanCartoon Network/Teletoon
Jeremy, Ulrich, AelitaCartoon Network*
Sam, Alex, CloverCartoon Network
Blue, Magenta, JoeNick Jr. (Nickelodeon)
Jackie, Jade, ValmontCartoon Network*
Muriel, EustaceCartoon Network
Zak, Doc, DrewCartoon Network*
Gwen, Max, KevinCartoon Network
Rex, Circe, BoboCartoon Network
Caitlin, Wyatt, NikkiCartoon Network*/Teletoon
Coop, Jamie, KivaToonami (Cartoon Network)*
Jack, AkuCartoon Network*
Conor, Courtney, WendyNick at Nite (Nickelodeon)
Beauty, Gasser, Don PatchToonami (Cartoon Network)*
Tommy, Lola, GusCartoon Network*
Betty, Noah, SparkyCartoon Network*/Teletoon
Adam, SkeletorBoomerang (Cartoon Network)
Sasuke, Sakura, GaaraToonami (Cartoon Network)*

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