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Can you name the Muscles of the Body with Origin and Insertion ?

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Iliac Spine (superior/ anterior)
Body of Pubis
Ribs 1-9
Ischial tuberosity
Medial ASpect of Linea Aspera
T1-T6, C4-C7 Vert.
Supraspinous Fossa of scapula
Lower 8 Ribs
Lateral condyle of femur
Anterior Shaft of Tibia
Lateral epicondyle of humerus
Inferior ramis of Pubis
Xiphoid Process and Sternum
Fibula, Tibia
Ischial Tuberosity
Lateral Border of Scapula
C4-C7 Vert., Upper Thoracic Vert.
Inferior ramus of Pubis
Ribs 3-5
Infraspinous Fossa of Scapula
Lateral surface of Ilium
Subscapular Fossa of Scapula
Sacrum, Lumbar Vert. Ribs
Clavicle, Acromion Process, Scapular Spine
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Vert.
Corachoid Process
Pubic Crest and Symphysis Pubis
Ilium, first 5 Lumbar Vert.
Anterior shaft of femur
Anterior/ Inferior Iliac Spine
Anterior Iliac Crest
Cervical and Thoracic Vert.
Inferior ramus of Pubis & Ischial Tuberosity
Lumbar & Thoracic Vert.,Iliac Crest & Sacrum
Superior ramus of Pubis
Lateral/ medial condyles of femur
Nuchal line, Cervical, Thoracic Vert.
Linea Aspera & Greater Trochanter
Posterior surface of tibia and fibula
Ilia Crest, Lower Lumbar Vert.
Clavicle, Sternum, Ribs 1-6
Lateral Surface of Ilium
C2-C7 Vert.
Sternum, Ribs, Lumbar Vert.
Posterior of Humerus, Scapula (Infraglenoid tubercle
Corachoid process, Scapula (supraglenoid tubercle)
Humerus (lower anterior)
Ischial Tuberosity & Linea Aspera
Ilium Crest, Sacrum, Coccyx
Sternum and Clavicle
C3-C6 Vert.

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