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QUIZ: Can you name the animal(Croc or Gator) that correlates with the hint?

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Found throughout waters in parts of Africa, The Americas, Asia and Australia
Prefers to be in brackish water, on rare occasions can be found in the Ocean
Has an aggressive nature and attacks humans, or anything that threatens it
Depending on species grows up to 14 or 15 feet
Has Dermal Pressure Receptors(sensory pits) on every scale of its body
Long narrow V shaped snout
Native only to North America and China
Prefers to be in freshwater
Usually appear blackish
Generally has a light olive brown/green coloration
Depending on species, grows up to 19 or 20 feet in length
Is believed to be endangered
Upper and lower jaws are the same width
Has a wide upper jaw and a narrower lower jaw
Eats turtles as part of their diet(moreso than the other one))
Have, on average, between 80-88 teeth
The calmer of the two, has a docile nature when confronted by humans
Has a wide U-shaped snout
Have, on average, between 68-70 teeth

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