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Can you name the Lego® Minecraft™ Sets?

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InformationSet Name
Micro-figures: Steve, Creeper || Pieces: 480
Micro-figures: Ghast x2, Zombie Pigman || Pieces: 469
Micro-figures: Villager, Zombie, Pig || Pieces: 466
Micro-figures: Endermen x4, Ender Dragon || Pieces: 440
Mini-figures: Steve, Skeleton, Cow, Sheep || Pieces: 262
Minifigures: Steve, Zombie, Spider || Pieces: 249
Minifigures: Steve, Skeleton, Mooshroom || Pieces: 518
Minifigures: Steve, Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Spider || Pieces: 922
Minifigures: Ender Dragon, Steve, Endermen x3 || Pieces: 634
Minifigures: Steve, Creeper, Pig || Pieces: 408
Minifigures: Steve, Zombie x2 || Pieces: 219
Minifigures: Steve, Alex, Wolf, Skeleton x2 || Pieces: 519
Minifigures: Steve, Alex, Ghast, Blaze, Zombie Pigman || Pieces: 571
Minifigures: Steve, Snow Golem, Creeper || Pieces: 327
InformationSet Name
Minifigures: Iron Golem, Alex, Baby Pig, Zombie || Pieces: 208
Minifigures: Custom Skins x4 || Pieces: 25
Minifigures: Custom Skins x4 || Pieces: 28
Minifigures: Wither, Steve, Wither Skeleton x2 || Pieces: 318
Minifigures: Cave Spider, Steve, Endermen x2 || Pieces: 559
Minifigures: Steve, Alex, Ocelot, Creeper, Skeleton, Sheep || Pieces: 706
Minifigures: Alex, Steve, Iron Golem, Enderman, Creeper, Zombie, Baby Pig, Pig, Zombie Villager, Farmer Villager, Librarian Villager || Pieces: 1600
Minifigures: Steve, Sheep, Horse, Skeleton x3 || Pieces: 984
Minifigures: Alex, Creeper, Mooshroom, Baby Mooshroom || Pieces: 247
Minifigures: Steve, Zombie Pigman, Big Magma Cube, Small Magma Cube || Pieces: 387
Minifigures: Ocelot, Steve, Skeleton x2 || Pieces: 598
Minifigures: Alex, Small Slime x3, Pig, Witch || Pieces: 502
Minifigures: Enderman, Steve, Alex, Zombie, Cat, Light Blue Sheep/Sheared Light Blue Sheep || Pieces: 729
Minifigures: Snow Golem, Spider, Steve, Baby Cow || Pieces: 454

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