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Can you name the Mario Kart 7 items by their description?

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DescriptionItem/Power up
Provides a short speed boost.
Karts that run over this will spin out of control.
Karts that run over this will spin out of control. x3
This travels in a straight line and knock over the first kart it hits. If it hits a wall it will bounce of it.
This goes for the closest kart in front of you. If it misses and hits a wall, it will dissapear into thin air.
This goes for other karts. x3
This locks on to and chase the kart in the lead, knocking it and any other karts it hits along the way.
When thrown, this will explode after a certain amount of time or when a kart hits it. Karts that hit the explosion will roll or spin out.
Provides a short speed boost. x3
DescriptionItem/Power up
This gives you a speed boost whenever you use it, but only for a short amount of time.
Temporarily transforms you into it, which automatically follows the course at high speed and knocks over any karts it hits along the way.
This sprays ink on all the karts ahead of you and impairs their vision. Possibly imported from Splatoon.
Zaps your opponents, causing them to spin out, lose their items, shrink, and drive more slowly for a little while.
This makes you invincible for a short time. While invincible, your speed increases and you'll knock over any karts or items you hit.
When activated, allows you to throw fireballs for a short time. Karts hit by a fireball will spin out of control.
Gives you a tail, which you can spin to knock over opponents or items for a short time.
Gives you a wheel of 7 items when obtained. Press use to use the one in front of you.

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