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QUIZ: Can you guess the names of the books by their summary?

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SummaryBook Name
John Midas gets a special coin that says his initials (J.M.) and buys a special chocolate that makes everything he touches turns into chocolate.
SummaryBook Name
A crystal crashes on Earth, Denton tries to steal the crystals to make clones, DanTDM, Dr. Trayaurus, and Grim along with some piggy friends try to stop Denton.
SummaryBook Name
Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts and makes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and they try to stop Voldemort from stealing a special stone.
SummaryBook Name
Jack and his genius brother & sister meet Dr. Hank Witherspoon and go to Antarctica to go to a contest and find out a female scientist has gone missing.
SummaryBook Name
Sophie meets a friendly giant and goes to Giant country, the place where man-eating giants live.

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