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Can you name the Series of Unfortunate Events Characters?

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Bad BeginningOldest Baudelaire Child
Bad BeginningMiddle Baudelaire Child
Bad BegginingYoungest Baudelaire Child
Bad BeginningVillain
Bad BeginningFriendly Judge
Bad BeginningCoughing Banker
Bad BeginningVillain's Helper
Bad BeginningVillain's Helper
Bad BeginningVillain's Helper
Bad BeginningVillain's Helper
Bad BeginningVillain's Helper
Reptile RoomSnake Studier
Reptile RoomGiant Friendly Snake
Reptile RoomCount Olaf's Disguise
Wide WindowVery Scared Woman
Wide WindowCount Olaf's Disguise
Miserable MillSmoke-Headed Mill Owner
Miserable MillMill Owner's Partner
Miserable MillOptometrist
Miserable MillCount Olaf's Disguise
Austere AcademyAnnoying Principal
Austere AcademyBanana-Eating Teacher
Austere AcademyMeasuring Teacher
Austere AcademyNew Friend
Austere AcademyNew Friend
Austere AcademySchool Bully
Austere AcademyCount Olaf's Disguise
Ersatz ElevatorVillain
Ersatz ElevatorVillain's Husband
Ersatz ElevatorCount Olaf's Disguise
Vile VillageVillage Leaders
Vile VillageRepairman
Vile VillageCount Olaf Look-Alike
Vile VillageCount Olaf's Disguise
Hostile HospitalOwner of the Library of Records
Hostile HospitalCount Olaf's Disguise
Hostile HospitalSinging Heart-Shaped-Balloon Carriers
Carnivorous CarnivalFortune Teller
Carnivorous CarnivalHunchback
Carnivorous CarnivalContortionist
Carnivorous CarnivalAmbidextrous Man
Slippery SlopeThird Quagmire Triplet
Slippery SlopeExtremely Evil Person
Slippery SlopeExtremely Evil Person
Slippery SlopeMasked Hikers
Grim GrottoSubmarine Captain
Grim GrottoYoung Mushroom Studier
Grim GrottoJacques's Sister
Penultimate PerilHotel Manager
Penultimate PerilHotel Manager
Penultimate PerilSo-Called 'Legendary Figure'
The End'I Won't Force You'
The EndWeekday for a Name

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