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Can you name the Ocarina of Time Game Parts?

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What is GottenGame Part
Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, Deku Stick, Kokiri Tunic, Kokiri Boots
Deku Nuts, Slingshot, Kokiri Emerald
Fairy Ocarina, Hylian Shield, Zelda's Card, Zelda's Lullaby
Saria's Song, Epona's Song, Empty Bottle #1, Goron Bracelet, Sun Song, Empty Bottle #2
Bomb Bag, Goron Ruby
Magic Beans, Silver Scale, Empty Bottle #3, Farore's Wind Spell
Boomerang, Zora Sapphire
Master Sword, Light Medallion, Song of Storms, Hookshot, Minuet of Forest
Bow, Forest Medallion
Prelude of Light, Giant Knife, Goron Tunic, Bolero of Fire
Megaton Hammer, Fire Medallion
Iron Boots, Serenade of Water, Zora Tunic
What is GottenGame Part
Longshot, Water Medallion, Fire Arrow
Empty Bottle #4
Lens of Truth
Nocturne of Shadow, Pocket Cucco, Cojiro, Mushroom, Mushroom Potion, Carpenter Saw, Broken Knife, Prescription, Frog, Eyedrops, Claim Check, Biggoron Sword
Din's Fire Spell, Hover Boots, Shadow Medallion
Gerudo Card
Ice Arrow, Nayru's Love Spell, Requiem of Spirit
Silver Gauntlets
Mirror Shield, Spirit Medallion
Golden Scale
Golden Gauntlets, WIN GAME

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