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Can you name the Ocarina of Time Dungeons?

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Slingshot, Kokiri EmeraldDeku Scrub Brothers, Gohma
Bomb Bag, Goron RubyLizalfos, Lizalfos, King Dodongo
Boomerang, Zora SapphireBig Octo, Barinade
Bow, Forest MedallionStalfos, Stalfos, Poe Joelle, Poe Beth, Poe Amy, Poe Meg, Phantom Ganon
Megaton Hammer, Fire MedallionFlare Dancer, Flare Dancer, Volvagia
Iron BootsWhite Wolfos
Longshot, Water MedallionDark Link, Morpha
Lens of TruthDead Hand (4 Arms)
Hover Boots, Shadow MedallionDead Hand (6 Arms), Bongo Bongo
Ice ArrowNone!
Silver Gauntlets, Mirror Shield, Spirit MedallionIron Knuckle, Iron Knuckle, Iron Nabooru, Twinrova
Golden Gauntlets, WIN THE GAMEDinolfos, Stalfos, Iron Knuckle, Ganondorf, Ganon

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