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QUIZ: Can you name the Majora's Mask Characters?

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Hero's Fairy
Remembered Princess
Supposed Villain
Supposed Villain's Fairy
Hero's Horse
Mayor of Clock Town
Leader of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice
Man at the Telescope Laboratory
Mysterious Man Made Young
Kafei's Friend
Mail Carrier
Balloon-Loving Map-Seller
Pictograph Contest Owner
Potion-Selling Fire Witch
Potion-Selling Ice Witch
Leader of the Dekus
Princess of the Dekus
Deku King's Servant
Spirit of the Deku Mask
Masked Jungle Warrior
Mountain Village Blacksmith
Mountain Village Blacksmith
Crying Goron
Crying Goron's Dad
Spirit of the Goron Mask
Powder Keg Shop Owner
Invisible Blizzard
Masked Mechanical Monster
Man at the Lake Laboratory
Gerudo Thieves
Glowing Sea Creature
Zora Without a Voice
Spirit of the Zora Mask
Entrance to the Great Bay Temple
Gargantuan Masked Fish
King of Ikana
Leader of the Stalchilds
Giant Masked Insects

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