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Can you name the Banjo Tooie characters

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Main Character Bear
Main Character Bird
Evil Witch
Evil Witch's Skinny Sister
Evil Witch's Wide Sister
Spell Book
Witch's Assistant
Ghost Mole
Military Mole
Mom Mole
Kid Mole
Kid Mole
King of the Jinjos
Master of the Puzzle
Puzzle Master's Assistant
Cow in Mayahem Temple
Uses Magic, Transforms in First Game
Treasurekeeper of the Temple
Boss of Mayahem Temple
Owner of Glitter Gulch Mine
Mine Owner's Mouse
Boss of Glitter Gulch Mine
Tent Owner in Witchyworld
Burger Stand Owner
French Fry Stand Owner
Boss of Witchyworld
Hotel Owner by the Lagoon
Seasick Pirate
Shop Owner
Pirate from First Game
Turtle from First Game
Boss of Atlantis
Evil Caveman Group
Nice Caveman Group
Defeatable Caveman Group
Dinosaur with a Bellyache
Thirsty Dinosaur
Humongous Dinosaur
Boss of Terrydactyland
Factory's Central Computer, Sees All
Batteries found all over the Factory
Boss of Grunty Industries
Frozen in ice since First Game
Polar Bear
Mom Polar Bear
Kid Polar Bear
Kid Polar Bear
Kid Polar Bear
Boss of Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side)
Boss of Hailfire Peaks (Icy Side)
Living Ice Cube
Giant Talking Vault
Boss of Cloud Crazyland
Hatches Mystery Eggs
Unlocked in Pine Grove Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Mayahem Temple Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Glitter Gulch Mine Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Witchyworld Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Atlantis Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Terrydactyland Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Enlarged Terrydactyland Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Grunty Industries Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Hailfire Peaks Wumba Tent
Unlocked in Cloud Crazyland Wumba Tent

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