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Can you name the Minecraft Java 1.16 Advancements?

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Make a Crafting TableEasy
Mine StoneEasy
Make a Stone PickaxeEasy
Smelt IronEasy
Make Iron ArmorEasy
Block something with a ShieldEasy
Make an Iron PickaxeEasy
Mine a DiamondEasy
Enchant somethingEasy
Make Diamond ArmorEasy
Fill a Bucket with LavaEasy
Mine ObsidianEasy
Go to the NetherEasy
Cure a Zombie VillagerMedium
Find a StrongholdEasy
Go to the EndEasy
Kill something, or dieEasy
Kill a hostile mobEasy
Kill all hostile mobsHARD
Shoot a mob with a BowEasy
Shoot the center of a Target from 30 blocks awayHARD
Kill a Skeleton from 50 blocks awayHARD
Throw a Trident at a mobEasy
Strike a Villager with lightningEasy
Kill a Pillager CaptainEasy
Win a RaidHARD
Use a Totem of UndyingMedium
Slide down a Honey BlockEasy
Trade with a VillagerEasy
Make an Iron GolemMedium
Shoot a CrossbowEasy
Kill a Pillager with a CrossbowEasy
Kill 2 Phantoms with 1 arrowHARD
Kill 5 different kinds of mobs with 1 arrowHARD
Find every biomeHARD
Plant a cropEasy
Eat every edible itemHARD
Craft a Netherite HoeHARD
Catch a fishEasy
Catch a fish in a BucketEasy
Take Honey from a Beehive that has a Campfire under itEasy
Mine a Beehive with 3 Bees inside with Silk TouchEasy
Breed two animalsEasy
Breed every animalHARD
Tame an animalEasy
Tame every type of CatHARD
Enter the NetherEasy
Use the Nether as a shortcut to travel 7000 blocksHARD
Kill a Ghast with its own fireballHARD
Kill a Ghast in the overworldHARD
Find a Nether FortressEasy
Get a Wither SkullEasy
Summon the WitherEasy
Make a BeaconEasy
Make a Max Power BeaconMedium
Get a Blaze RodEasy
Brew a PotionEasy
Have every Potion effect at onceHARD
Have every possible effect at onceHARD
Enter the EndEasy
Kill the Ender DragonEasy
Collect the Dragon EggMedium
Collect Dragon BreathMedium
Respawn the Ender DragonMedium
Escape the Dragon IslandEasy
Find an End CityEasy
Find ElytraMedium
Float up 50 blocks from a Shulker's bulletsHARD
Find a Bastion RemnantEasy
Loot a Bastion RemnantEasy
Distract a Piglin with goldEasy
Mine Ancient DebrisEasy
Use a LodestoneEasy
Make a full set of Netherite ArmorHARD
Find every Nether biomeHARD
Ride a StriderEasy
Find Crying ObsidianEasy
Fully charge a Respawn AnchorEasy
Visit 1,000,000,000 dimensions (20w14infinite)Easy

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