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What do vampires have in place of regular, blunt human teeth?
In what black instrument do witches boil up their evil broths and potions?
Name the word in this Halloween phrase, 'Trick or ____!'
Which word is often screamed by ghosts upon their unsuspecting victims' arrival?
What type of outfit is worn by trick-or-treaters on their annual haunting?
A vital part of the common Halloween get-up; often made of silicone, these items cover the face.
One of two widely used colo(u)rs in Halloween decoration.
A common sighting in graveyards, this stone marks the resting place of a deceased family member.
The healthy part of a common Halloween snack. This treat is often coated with oozing layers of chocolate, toffee, or caramel.
When the clock strikes twelve.
A vampire's favo(u)rite drink.
This celestial body is the reason for the common man's changing into a werewolf.
The black animal also known to bring bad luck to whomever crosses it's path.
The farming tool planted in fields to scare away crows. (Maybe this hint was a little bit telling)
The orange vegetable often cut and carved for decoration.
The witch's flying mechanism and household cleaning tool.
The nocturnal animal responsible for much of today's avoidance of caves.
The only outfit made exclusively out of one big, white sheet.
Large silky constructions that we often hate to accidentally walk through.

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