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Can you name the 'correct' spelling of the following things?

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Skater Boy2002 Avril Lavigne song title
Ghetto BoysScarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill's rap group
Legendary AdventureA role-playing game by Gary Gygax
Nick at NightNickelodeon's classic TV prgramming block
SevenHow the 1995 film is listed on IMDB
Professor PigA modern-day Batman villain
Hot in HereNelly's first #1 single
SWAT Cats90s kids' cartoon
Luke SkywalkerNot the *actual* Star Wars hero, but his clone from the novels
Brats BabiesA spinoff of the popular doll line
Four LocoAn alcholic energy drink
California GirlsKaty Perry, not The Beach Boys
Riot Girl90s feminist punk music movement
ClimaxBernadette Cooper's 80's girl band
CongregateA Flash gaming website

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