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Forced Order
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What do you get when you acheive a 7 kill streak?
What is the last gun you unlock?
What do you get when you acheive a 3 kill streak?
What is it called when you fall into prone as your shooting?
What is the first sniper you are able to use?
What is the perk that 'increases health'?
What is it called when you get two kills with one sniper bullet?
What are 'Pressure Activated Mines'?
What is the smallest map in Multiplayer?
What is a 'Noob Tube'?
What is the only rifle that you can unlock a sniper scope for?
What is the only automatic Rifle?
What do you get when you acheive a 5 kill streak?
What is the submachine gun otherwise known as the 'Tommy Gun'?
What map has a day and night version of it?
What map has a church tower located in the center of it?
What war was this game produced after?
What is the last perk you unlock?
Did Infinity Ward produce this game?
What is the most used gun in this game? (According to
What is the challenge called when you 'Fall to Your Death'?

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